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  • Sharktacular Street Sharks Sales Continue! Where Once We Had 177 Treasures We Now Have Just 42 Left!

    When I told my friends in 2021 that I intended on starting a new business and launch a vintage Street Sharks toys and collectibles shop on-line for...
  • Where The Hell Did Mr. Joe Go?

    It's the very last day of the very first month of the latest Covid infected year and high time indeed for me, your friendly neighborhood Street Sharks creator and legend, Mr. Joe, to return once again, more sharkragously jawsome than ever!

    But where the hell did I go for the last three months? And what's with the rumors?

  • Masters Of The Universe Treasures Arrive Here Friday Morning

    My Vintage 1980s Masters of the Universe collection goes on sale at this Friday, October 29, at 9am Pacific Time.
  • About Those New Mattel Creations Street Sharks Collectibles

    First off, I’ve got to thank my pals at Mattel Creations for helping to keep the Street Sharks alive and still kicking some ass - especially at the...
  • Our Second Month In Business - How We Doing?

    We launched our Mr. Joe's Really Big Toys & Collectibles site on August 1, 2021 and its been a feeding frenzy of sales and shipments all aroun...
  • Why I’m Selling My Street Sharks Collection Now

    I was convinced that once the kids who were the original Street Sharks audience came of age as young adults that they would be stoked to find the unopened toys of their youth available to them. And I would be stoked to connect with them and sell my toys