Our Second Month In Business - How We Doing?

Our Second Month In Business - How We Doing?

We launched our Mr. Joe's Really Big Toys & Collectibles site on August 1, 2021 and its been a feeding frenzy of sales and shipments all around the world ever since as collectors found us and our shark infested site.

We started with 171 total Street Sharks products and we now have 101 left.

It's been a challenge to keep up with everything as I prepare, protect, box and then ship orders to collectors in Italy, Spain, Mexico, the UK, Germany, Australia and all across the United States.

I've had to get up to speed on shipping methods, customs, and payment options. I've learned some important lessons along the way. Like which local post office to go to for best service and most importantly scanning in of each package being shipped. It's just up the road in Malaga Cove.

I learned a hard lesson about not ever again using PayPal - who treated our business like we were criminals and withheld all payments made through them after my first week in business. Despite prepaying the shipping and delivering all orders to customers using PayPal, their bots informed me that my business was "permanently terminated" and would not get any of the $7000 in customer payments made through them for 180 days as they made sure I wasn't defrauding customers. Meanwhile, they made sure to take their hefty percentage of sales up front.

I had to go all Ripster on PayPal's ass to get my money, but get it I did - and end my relationship with them I gladly did.  That's right, I Moby Licked them.

I offer many ways to pay, but PayPal will never again be one of them. Sorry/Not sorry.

But with the exception of a few hiccups and a fast learning curve, we have successfully delivered 70 products to over 30 different customers and this is just the beginning.

Our interview on Ed's Retro Geek Out on August 11 was bloody wonderful fun and has now been seen by 1900 views. 

And them my old pals down the road at Mattel did me a huge favor on Friday August 27 and kept the Street Sharks top of mind with their brand new offerings from Mattel Creations.

I'll have my take on the three new collector sharks in my next Blog Post...

I decided to use the big day to live stream the opening of my only - and as far as I know - the world's only - unopened complete carton of Street Sharks Hand Sharks that same morning.

It was a lot of fun at 6am and before I had breakfast the great collector in Mexico, Ariel, had purchased the entire unboxed carton and that same day it was on his way to him for a Monday delivery. I was super stoked to get it to him.

So that's what it's been like living with the Street Sharks every day and night and having a killer time doing it all!

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