Sharktacular Street Sharks Sales Continue! Where Once We Had 177 Treasures We Now Have Just 42 Left!

When I told my friends in 2021 that I intended on starting a new business and launch a vintage Street Sharks toys and collectibles shop on-line for customers all around the world I heard a lot of, "Good luck with THAT. Do you really think there are enough people who even know that the Street Sharks even existed?" Or, "Why don't you just put what you have on EBay?"

It was kind of resharkable how clueless most of them were about the Street Sharks place in toy history or how much they meant to the kids of the 90s. 

I shouldn't have been surprised since so many of my friends were kids of the 60s. And they certainly had no idea about the scope and size of my archived collection of Street Shark treasures.

How Many Street Shark Figures, Vehicles & Licensed Products Did Mr. Joe Have?

63 boxed figures (OG, Metallic Skin, Wave II), 

4 Night Fighters, 30 Space Force, 4 Extreme Dinosaurs

8 Vehicles, 11 Hand Sharks, 2 Arco Stuffies, 39 Licensed Products, 10 Shark Bit pins, 6 personal items 

That's 177 items in total!

My friends had no idea my vision for those items included personally shooting, hosting and editing unboxing videos, shooting still photos of every side of every product, building an 3-commerce web site, learning how to best pack and ship, getting all the boxes/packing materials, producing unique certificates of authenticity for each item sold, learning the customs rules and committing to delighting customers all around the planet.                                                                


It's been only 8 months now and m remaining treasures are down to:

25 Space Force Street Sharks on blister cards

8 Wave II Street Sharks in boxes

3 Sharkruiser 4x4 vehicles

7 Shark Bit pins

7 Licensed products

Once those are gone, my entire personal collection will have been sent to Fin Force members who will preserve, protect and love them for years to come, reconnecting with their childhood fun and play.

And then my jawsome Street Sharks mission will have been accomplished

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  • Saludos cordiales! mi amigo Mr. JOE te saludo desde Ecuador… y estoy muy interesado en comprar alguna figura STREET SHARKS


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