Where The Hell Did Mr. Joe Go?

Where The Hell Did Mr. Joe Go?

2022 Big Teeth Greetings Fellow Fin Force Friends! 

It's the very last day of the very first month of the latest Covid infected year and high time indeed for me, your friendly neighborhood Street Sharks creator and legend, Mr. Joe, to return once again, more sharkragously jawsome than ever!

But where the hell did I go for the last three months? And what's with the rumors?

First off, let me address the outrageous canard that I've been in intensive training at Space X in Hawthorne (just down the road) to get ready to fly into space and join the International Space Station courtesy of Street Sharks fanboy, Elon Musk. Those rumors are not factually correct and you should not believe them.

Likewise the reports that I have permanently joined the Metaverse and only now exist in digital form for perpetuity are probably just some gossip that Mattel Creations invented to trying to bend my fin. So don't believe that one either.

The Truth is - I've been indulging in a frenzy of fintastic fun here on the Best Coast as I stay covid free and healthy.

I've been riding my electric bike up and down the coast on the beach trail, I've been hiking the local Palos Verdes Peninsula hills and I've been watching the dolphins and whales play as I walk the local beaches looking for sharks and orcas to hang with.

And as some of you know, my creative focus since 2017 has been writing LA Cafe Plays for the award winning Ruskin Group Theatre in Santa Monica, California. I've written 29 one-act plays that have been performed in front of sold out audiences. Here is my most recent one from December. If you could use a laugh, go ahead and watch it right now:

 You can chalk up my need to play and have more fun to the sharktacular success of the first four months with Mr. Joe's Really Big Toys and Collectibles. 

When we launched on August 1, 2021 we had 168 Street Shark items in stock which included new Street Sharks in unopened original packaging and other new Street Shark licensed items and my personal memorabilia. 

After shipping Street Sharks to what seems like every major country on the planet we now have only 9 Street Sharks in original boxes and 29 new Night Fighter and Space Force Street Sharks remaining.

I'm so proud and extremely grateful to say I have new friends and jawsome collector customers all around the world with special Street Shark Shout Outs to Italy! Mexico! Germany! Spain! Australia! Malaysia! And of course, the good old USA.

I'm especially stoked to have my long time archived treasures from my collection arriving to each buyer in perfect condition and delivering such joy and positivity when they get to you!

It takes me a lot more time than the average bear to pack and ship every order.

I've gotten a lot better after so many packages but it's still a labor intensive multi-step process to bubble wrap every item, print the color certificates of authenticity and protect them between sheets of cardboard in a plastic sleeve to keep them unfolded and unrolled.


Finding the right box and adding the right amount of packaging peanuts and more bubble wrap and then figuring out the total weight and shipping costs and filling out the customs forms and then taking the packages in my electric car to the local Post Office at Malaga Cove is all part of the process. And it's a zen like process for me at this point.


Let's start with FREE USPS Priority Mail Shipping on all remaining new in package Street Sharks Night Fighters and Street Sharks Space Force figures.

That includes International shipping starting on February 1, 2022. You won't have to hassle with promo codes or coupons. You'll find I've already removed the shipping charges from the Mr. Joe's Really Big Toys and Collectibles store (starting at 9am Pacific Time, Tuesday February 1, 2022.

I'm working on a new video about the creation of the Street Sharks which will include photos and scans of rare historical documents detailing parts of the process including the animated series... I've been having fun going through the photo prints of me in New York for Toy Fairs in the 90s and other parts of my long history at Mattel from '85-2000. That's a photo of me at FAO Schwarz on Fifth Avenue the first time I saw Kilamari and Jawsome Jugs at retail. Look how happy it made me!

We will also be unboxing, photographing and offering for sale our collection of Hot Wheels collectibles from the 90s including rare NYTF giveaways unopened in their original plexiglass display packages.

Our collection of Barbies from the 1980s and 90s includes rare collectibles made for Barbie's 30th and 35th anniversary and other special occasions.

And my vintage collection of new in package Playmates toy lines I wrote the package copy for include: Dick Tracy, Barnyard Commandos, Darkwing Duck, Seaquest, Star Trek Next Generation, Tailspin and Addams Family. Those will each be unboxed, photographed and prepared for sale to you.

There's a lot of other cool surprises in the vault too. So stay tuned and watch this spot.

Mr. Joe has got an action packed year planned.




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Thanks Joe for sharing your personal memories about the fintastic Street Sharks. It’s always a time-travelling experience, which brings us back in an instant to the magical moments of our childhood that we spent in the company of your amazing sharks.

Andrea Capuano

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